Ageas. We all want to #MakeItHappen

Our industry is ramping up its activity help meet Net Zero targets.

Posted on 2nd November 2021

Ageas. We all want to #MakeItHappen  

Our industry is ramping up its activity help meet Net Zero targets. The ABI has set out a clear, achievable Climate Change Roadmap – and together, we believe we can #MakeItHappen 

Here’s what we’re doing

Your customers might not instantly connect ‘insurance’ to ‘climate change’. However, as a collective of large businesses that impact the lives of millions of people, our industry has a responsibility to work and act in a sustainable way. What we do now affects everyone’s lives later.

Our industry’s leaders have made the commitment to put sustainability at the very heart of our businesses. Together, we’re driving change that will positively influence climate change at scale.

At Ageas, we’re playing our part and we are pleased to support the ABI’s Climate Change Roadmap

The changes we make now will help to shape the future of our businesses, the future we all retire into, and the future for generations to come. We’re incredibly proud of all the work our teams are doing already, and we invite you to join us as we commit to #MakeItHappen.

See how we intend to #MakeitHappen

In this short film, you’ll see how we’re already taking steps set out in the ABI’s roadmap to help meet climate change targets, with our well-established Green Parts Programme:

The transition to net zero won’t happen overnight. But the more we share information about enabling change, the sooner we can start having a positive impact.

Ageas is committed to #MakeItHappen

If our customers have been unfortunate enough to have a car accident we’ll try to repair any damaged parts – like bumpers, doors or wing mirrors -  in the first instance. If that’s not possible, our next step is to use ‘green’ car parts to replace them…rather than brand-new ones.

Now, around 20 to 25% of our repairs involve the use of a green car part. And around one in five of the green parts we use comes from our salvaged vehicles.

It’s programmes like this one that help to reduce the amount of new plastic, metal and glass needed for motor vehicle repairs. Find out more about it here:

Green Car Parts Programme Click here

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