Ageas moves to AWS for Insurer Hosted Pricing

Ageas live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our broker Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP).

Posted on 13th January 2022
Ageas migrates to cloud IHP final

Ageas are now live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our broker Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP), after moving to insurtech CDL’s cloud-based Proteus hub. 

This new multi-year deal is designed to enhance security, resilience and scalability as we continue to target growth in our chosen markets.

By using the Proteus hub, we can control product distribution and pricing in real time, enabling us to respond rapidly to market conditions – giving our broker partners a wide range of competitive rates.

Our Chief Underwriting Officer, Adam Clarke stated, “This move to Amazon Web Services for our Insurer Hosted Pricing is one of the ways we are supporting our desire to grow in our chosen market of personal lines sold through brokers”.

“By using this technology to become smarter and faster in our pricing, we will now be able to offer brokers, and their customers, immediate access to our latest rates”.

CDL’s Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Phillips added, “Data and analytics underpin every stage of product design, pricing and customer experience, and the move to our cloud-based solution creates significant opportunities in terms of speed of data, analytics and product delivery. We are delighted to be supporting Ageas to extend their capabilities in this space through the AWS-hosted platform.”

The integration of CDL's data lake and warehouse with Ageas will enable significant business intelligence and analytics capabilities, with complete visibility of all business transactions in one place. 


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