BIBA Manifesto 2020

It's all about ACCESS

Posted on 22nd January 2020 Tagged in Regulation & Change
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Ageas – supporting BIBA’s manifesto on Access.

As you may know, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) launches a new manifesto at the beginning of each year. Last year’s theme was ‘Risks and Opportunities’: helping brokers to help customers make the most of their insurance.

This year’s theme is Access. More specifically, access to suppliers, markets, information and legislation.

Access to insurance is part of BIBA’s ethos and is, understandably, a major focus of the 2020 BIBA Manifesto. BIBA have highlighted nine key areas that would benefit from more open access and encourage the ongoing improvement and support given to the broker community, to enable people and business to easily access the insurance cover they need.  

In addition to this, we’re doing our part and putting our full support behind one of the manifesto’s more complex aspirations: helping people to understand what ‘modified’ really means when it comes to motor insurance.

Visit BIBA’s 2020 Manifesto website here.

Download the 2020 BIB Manifesto here

Ageas and BIBA are working together for brokers’ benefit

BIBA’s annual manifesto is a beacon for brokers, because it helps providers to really focus on one or more aspects of our complex industry. At the end of 2019, we used our experience to help BIBA publish a useful guide to modified vehicles.


“We’re keen to help brokers make life easy for customers. That’s why we’re supporting BIBA to improve understanding around the disclosure of vehicle modifications. We want drivers to really understand their policies – and their vehicles characteristics – so that they’re fully covered in the event they need to make a claim.” Andy Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Ageas.

Read the Modified Vehicles Guide

The guide clarifies much of the confusion around modifications, and is a useful tool for helping customers to learn more about the importance of disclosure in this grey area. It’s also a good springboard for brokers to explore the need for specialist insurance for modified vehicles.

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