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Here's how you order a Green card from us for your customers...

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At the end of January, we let you know about our plans ahead of Brexit and the impact that a ‘no deal’ would have on your customers. If a ‘no deal’ does happen, motor customers wishing to drive their vehicle to the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra, Serbia or Switzerland after the UK leaves the EU, will have to obtain a Green Card.

Now that the deadline for the UK to leave the EU has been postponed until 31 January 2020, your customers won’t need to carry a Green Card in the EU until possibly early next year. However, as things can change at any time, you’ll still be able to order a Green Card for your Ageas customers. All you need to do is call us, tell us a bit about your customer and we’ll handle the rest. 

How to order Green Cards for your customer

For private motor and CV customers, simply call our Personal Lines Underwriting Support team on 0345 122 3288 and give them the following information: 

  • Policyholder name & policy number
  • Confirmation of the vehicle make and registration they'll be driving
  • The dates they plan to drive their vehicle outside of the UK
  • Names and ages of all drivers they would like covered
  • The countries they intend to drive in
  • Registration and/or chassis number, make and model of anything they intend to tow (e.g. a trailer or caravan)

For commercial motor customers, please contact the office that handles your business and provide them with the information above.

  • Our Gloucester Fleet team: 0345 164 0862
  • Our Manchester Fleet team: 0345 128 6885
  • Our Digital team: 0345 120 4422

You'll need to speak to our digital team if you use our Small Fleet product via Acturis or the Ageas Broker Extranet. 

For commercial motor schemes, please speak to your dedicated lead underwriter.

Please note that our offices are open 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday.

Once our team have confirmed all the details, they’ll get things moving and your customers' Green Card will be with them as soon as possible. We’ll keep a record that your customer has been issued a Green Card, should you wish to call us back to check on our progress.

Driving abroad

We’ll makes this clear when we send your customers' Green Card, however please make sure your customers understand that while abroad:

  • a Green Card doesn’t replace their car insurance policy
  • they’ll be fully covered by us within the time period outlined in their policy wording
  • they must carry a printed, valid Green Card associated to the vehicle policy at all times
  • they’ll need to carry their UK driving licence and an International Driving Permit (available from The Post Office)
  • they should carry their vehicle log book (V5C) when driving within the EU and EEA.

Please check the Government’s website for the latest requirements.

What about my customers who are already abroad?

We appreciate it may not always be possible to post a Green Card to your customers, if they’re already driving abroad.

If that’s the case then please call us on the appropriate number above and we’ll email a digital copy to your customer to print themselves. Green Cards must be printed double-sided, on a colour printer.    

Helping you manage customer queries

We recognise your customers will be looking to you for clarity on any post-Brexit impacts to their policies. The ABI has already issued some generic guidance on its website, which may be useful at a high level.

We’ve also written an article for customers about driving in Europe after Brexit which you may find useful to share with them. 

We’ll be in touch with any further news, but for the latest information on our approach for Brexit, there are some useful Q&As on this page.

Need more information on our approach Brexit? Read more

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