BREXIT: Important Information for Brokers

Here's what you need to know about our latest approach to Brexit.

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Brexit involves the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU). But the political situation is unclear at the moment, and there’s still some uncertainty about how we’ll leave, and if we’ll leave with or without ‘a deal’.

You can trust Ageas to keep your customers covered

That’s our message. Certainty for your customers. Without knowing what’s going to happen, we are not going to make sweeping changes to our policies yet.

What we can do, is give you the information you need to reassure your customers about the situation.

We’ve also created some FAQs (at the bottom of this page), which should answer many of your questions.

The information you need about Ageas policies

Europe, the EU, the EEA… it can be confusing for customers. The UK isn’t leaving Europe, Brexit is about leaving the European Union (the political and economic union of 28 member states). With or without ‘a deal’, in or out of the EU, nothing’s going to change for existing Ageas customers.

  • Under current contracts, even if our policy wording needs updating, our obligations to your customers won’t change. Customers come first. It’s business as usual, Brexit or not.

For example: if our motor policy provides cover outside the UK, but inside the European Union or European Economic Area or any other country, then that cover will be unaffected. What will change in the event of a ‘No Deal’, is the need for policyholders to carry Green Cards as evidence of their insurance policies and to have a GB sticker on their vehicle.

An update on Green Cards – making it easier to get them

A Green Card is an International Motor Insurance Card. It’s an easy way to show that a vehicle is insured to the minimum level required in the country in which the vehicle is driven. Additional cover is then defined in the individual policy – as are any restrictions.

Unless the UK agrees a deal, then policyholders will need to carry Green Cards when they’re travelling outside the UK in an Ageas-insured vehicle – and at the moment, Green Cards must be paper documents.

  • We’re working on a way for you to request Green Cards online, via the Ageas Broker Extranet, so that you can get these sent out to customers quickly and easily.

Please keep checking this website for news about the launch of this service but in the meantime, of course, we’ll still be here to help you.

Green Cards – Northern Ireland

  • We’re intending to automatically issue a Green Card to private motor customers in Northern Ireland for the duration of their current policy. That will give them evidence of the minimum legal cover to drive in the Republic of Ireland as well as the other EU countries, if the UK leaves on a ‘no deal’ basis.
  • We won’t be able to issue Green Cards automatically to fleet customers in Northern Ireland. If you have policies with vehicles based in the region, please read this page to see how to order a Green Card.

Green Cards – Motor Homes

  • We’re intending to automatically issue a Green Card to motor home customers in the UK for the duration of their current policy. That will give them evidence of the minimum legal cover to drive in the EU, if the UK leaves on a ‘no deal’ basis.

If any policyholder wants to visit the EU when their policy falls due for renewal, please make sure they have adequate insurance in place for their full trip. They’ll need a Green Card for each policy period: the current one and the one that will be in force after renewal date.

More information about International Driving Permits (IDP)

An International Driving Permit (IDP) lets UK licence holders drive in countries where a UK driving licence alone isn’t enough. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal (or at the end of any transitional period), then drivers may need an IDP, as well as their UK driver’s licence. It all depends on where they want to drive in Europe.

UK Licence Holders resident in the UK can get an IDP (there are three types, for different geographic areas), by going to The Post Office. They may need more than one depending on the countries the vehicle will be driven in. 

There’s more detailed information on the Government’s website:

You may wish to visit the ABI’s website for further guidance: travelling to the EU in the case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Vehicle log book (V5C) 

Your customers should carry their vehicle log book (V5C) when driving within the EU and EEA. Please check the government's website for the latest requirements.

Frequently asked Questions


Which countries will a Green Card provide cover for?

A driver with a Green Card is covered for driving in:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greek Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (incorporating Liechtenstein), Slovakia and Slovenia.

Does the Green Card cover all vehicles on a fleet policy?

A Green Card is issued on a specified vehicle basis. It must show the Vehicle Registration Mark. Even though the Certificate of Motor Insurance may show a description covering multiple vehicles, a Green Card is needed for each vehicle making a trip outside the UK.

Does the Green Card cover all of the drivers on a policy?

Where drivers are named on the policy and they hold a full UK/EU Licence, then they will be named on the Green Card. On both commercial motor policies and personal motor policies, where the drivers are not named, full details will have to be provided for each trip for all of the drivers to be specified on the Green Card.

What if my customer wants to tow a trailer or Caravan?

You will need to give us the registration and/or chassis number of the trailer or caravan, as it will need a separate Green Card. Please note that we will only issue Green Cards for trailers or caravans that we insure.

What happens if my customer doesn’t have a Green Card?

A Green Card is evidence that your customer has valid Insurance to cover them in the event of an accident while driving in one of those specified EU countries. If your customer doesn’t have a valid Green Card then they could be prevented from entering the country, be fined or have their vehicle seized.

Do my customers need a GB sticker on their vehicle when travelling in the EU?

Yes, they should display a GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle. Even if the vehicle currently has a number plate that includes the GB identifier, it’s recommended to have the sticker too (they may be obtained from several outlets such as Wilko, Amazon or Halfords). An insurance policy will not be invalid if they do not have a sticker but the policyholder may have trouble with the legal authorities outside the UK if one is not displayed.

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