We’ve decided to take a much ‘greener’ approach to car repairs

Our green car parts can help reduce plastic waste

Posted on 18th November 2021
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Everyone needs to do their part for the planet. We’ve decided to take a much ‘greener’ approach to car repairs, one that’s far more environmentally friendly. 

What are green car parts?

Green car parts are parts taken from one vehicle to fix another – quality-checked, and guaranteed to reduce the amount of plastic, metal and glass needed for repairs. Using green parts can also mean customers’ cars are fixed and back on the road quicker. It’s often faster to source a green car part than order a brand-new component, especially if it needs importing. 

Who supplies our green parts?

Hills is our salvage operations supplier and its green parts arm, The Green Parts Specialists, is our green parts provider. The Green Parts Specialists remove car parts that could have a second life; creating a huge database of parts that are available. When an Ageas approved repairer needs components, they simply log onto an app or web portal and will find out within an hour if a green part is in stock.

We have combined our salvage operation and green parts supply, which means any parts from Ageas’ salvaged vehicles can also now feed back into our repair network as ‘green’ car parts. Last year (2020) we used almost 7,000 green car parts in repairs and 1 in 5 of these came from our salvaged vehicles.

We’re ambitious for our green parts programme and hope to use even more green parts in repairs going forward. 

What are the benefits of using green parts?

  • All green parts and materials are undamaged and perfectly safe to use, having been safety checked before fitting by our repair network centres.
  • Green parts are only used for non-safety features such as wings, doors, bumpers and headlamps.
  • All green parts repairs come with a 12-month guarantee, as do all our new parts repairs.
  • Using a green part can be quicker to source. Rather than waiting for a new part from a manufacturer, especially if coming from overseas, it’s often easier to access a green part in the UK.
  • Reusing and recycling of parts is better for the environment – using quality, undamaged parts from a scrapped car that may otherwise go to landfill, preventing waste.
  • Saving on energy and precious resources such as steel, rubber, glass and plastic being used to manufacture new parts needlessly.
  • Reducing the likelihood of cars being written off due to parts being more expensive than the value of the car itself. 

All in all, this is good news for customers and great news for the environment.

Our greener approach to car repairs 

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