Ageas – Challenge the Crew!

See what the crew can do for you...


Did you know, there’s a good chance we’ll cover *that type* of risk?

You know it’s best practice to get more than one quote. Your customers like seeing those comparisons in value. Whatever the risk – challenge the crew:

  • if there’s new business to win, you’ll get unrivalled support;
  • if you’re selling on expertise as well as price, you’ll love what we do; and,
  • we’re open to exclusivity, helping YOU – and you alone – to win the business.

You might be surprised by what we can underwrite. We’ll let you know within 24 hours if it’s a risk we’d love to work with, or it’s not a risk we’re able to cover. What have you got to lose?


Go on, challenge the crew. See what we can do for you…

Get in touch. At worst, it’s the time spent on a call or a couple of emails. You’ll get a quick idea of what we can do, and all the flexibility we can offer on our standard policies. At best, it might be the start of a great new business relationship for us all!

A quick word from Cathy Taylor, our Head of Commercial Underwriting & Operations,

We’re not saying ‘find the cheapest’, we’re saying ‘challenge the crew’. Ask us to take a quick look at the risks you’d usually take somewhere else, just to see what Ageas can do. It’s a win-win situation – if we’re the best option, great! And if we’re not, well, we’re happy to have helped you make a stronger case for your customer’s final choice…”


What kind of risks?

Well, as a quick example, one of our brokers was collecting insurer quotes on a large property portfolio. As you can imagine, this wasn’t a quick exercise. And Ageas wasn’t at the top of his list.

However – he decided to challenge us – and we had all the expertise he needed. His customer liked our price, and he liked our crew and the way that we work, so, challenge accepted!

Contact the crew…

We’ve set-up an exclusive email address for those risks you were going to take somewhere else (but might be worth a quick look at Ageas):

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