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For personal schemes with specialist underwriters offering the support you can count on. Have you considered Ageas for your scheme?

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Let’s talk personal lines schemes…

Have you ever wanted more support to help you run your schemes? We’d like to help. It’s easier to give top-quality service to scheme customers when you’ve got a great, dedicated scheme team working behind you…

It’s time for us to talk personal lines schemes

Ageas has the scheme experience that your customers are looking for, and the underwriting support that – as their broker – you’d expect

Every one of our schemes is unique, but they all have several things in common. With Ageas, schemes are all about specialist underwriting expertise; claims reliability, and benefits that have been put together thoughtfully, to reflect those policyholders’ potential risks and needs.

Ready to talk schemes with Ageas?

All you have to do is tell us about your scheme and, together, we can start talking business.

Your customers’ scheme needs, your scheme business…

There’s something exciting about developing scheme business. Contact us about any schemes that come to mind; we’ll get our specialist team to answer them.

Our specialist scheme underwriters have been working with brokers just like you, for many years. They understand what you’ll need – and the questions you’ll be getting from customers – as well as the business and assets that your customers may want to cover.

  • Dedicated underwriters who’ll support you all the way
  • An insurer who wants to understand you and your business
  • Underwriting flexibility
  • Tailored cover
  • Competitive insurance premiums
  • Full control of your own administration and service standards
  • Promotion of your own brand.

From the initial research and a plan to market the proposition, to day-to-day servicing, claims handling for your customers and analysis for you to help you stay on track – it’s time to contact us and talk schemes with Ageas.

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