Exclusively Security

Created for businesses involved in security, including guarding, alarms and CCTV.


Exclusively Security – for security professionals

A policy for businesses involved in manned security guarding, alarm installation and maintenance, plus CCTV and fire extinguisher operations.

Minimum premium + IPT
£400 .00
Who's it for?
  • Security businesses, alarm installation and maintenance businesses
  • CCTV installation and maintenance and fire extinguisher supply and maintenance organisations
Features and benefits
  • Public / Products Liability up to £5million
  • A helpline that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for help on legal matters affecting the business
  • Professional indemnity - £100,000
  • Wrongful arrest - £25,000
  • Loss of keys - £10,000
  • Financial loss - £50,000

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply to this product. Full details are shown in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary documents.

How to trade

Contact your Commercial SME Open Market team.

Features and benefits

Public / Products Liability

Up to £5million

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