How brokers and insurers can work together to support customers at risk of flooding

From industry initiatives to our new Weather Taskforce, we’re responding to the increase of flooding.

Posted on 26th September 2023 Tagged in Corporate News Personal Lines
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Through innovation and insight, we’re looking at how we can even better support our brokers and customers

The frequency of flooding is on the rise, and our industry is now seeing a deviation in the type of properties that are typically impacted. An increase in surface water flooding means that the risk is no longer just to those living near riverbanks, it means the geographical scope for flooding has expanded significantly. 

As Chief Underwriting Officer at Ageas, Adam Clarke, says: "Alongside brokers, we play an important role in helping this growing market manage and respond to the impact of flooding on their properties. 

Through innovative new approaches, we’re taking this role seriously. From industry initiatives like Flood Re and Build Back Better to our new Weather Taskforce, these efforts will not only help customers protect their homes, but also allow Ageas and brokers to really show up for customers when they need us most.” 

Access to insurance 

One of the ways brokers and insurers can help customers deal with extreme weather is by ensuring they have access to insurance in the first place. 

Since 2016, we have helped people in high flood risk areas access insurance through our work with Flood Re – a joint initiative between the Government and insurers. The reinsurance scheme helps keep insurance costs low for customers in high flood risk areas by placing the flood risk element of their policy with Flood Re, which we help to fund through a levy. 

Influencing more resilient homes 

We were also one of the first insurers to sign up to Flood Re’s Build Back Better scheme which, through the use of Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures, is designed to reduce the cost and impact of future floods. We offer the Build Back Better scheme to qualifying customers of all our brokers where Ageas manages the claims. You can find out more about the scheme and if your customer is eligible here. 

Adam Clarke says: “Flooding is just so disruptive, and people’s lives are turned upside down. To be able to do something to reduce the impact of flood – or maybe stop it from happening again – is important.” 

The PFR measures are three-pronged and align with Flood Re and the Environment Agency’s Be Flood Smart campaign – resistance, recoverability, and preparedness. 

Educating customers together 

Reflecting on the role brokers and insurers have to play in encouraging homeowners to install PFR measures, Adam Clarke says: “As an industry, we can look to educate customers on PFR measures and how they can fit into their home both functionally and aesthetically. 

“It’s something we’re currently looking at as part of our new Weather Taskforce, and we are producing content that brokers can give to their customers to help protect themselves, not just against flooding but other extreme weather events too. Brokers are in a great position to guide customers, and resources like our brand-new storm weather hub are there to help them guide their customers.” 

Through innovation and insight, our dedicated Weather Taskforce is looking at how we can even better support our brokers and their end customers in getting ahead of risks like flooding. We’re also working with flood campaigners to truly understand the impact of flooding on families, exploring new ways we can support them together with our brokers. 

An innovative approach to claims 

Every household affected by flooding will have its own unique circumstances, and another way insurers and can help brokers support their customers is by taking this into account. 

Our expert claims teams are able to think outside the box and find innovative ways to help our customers in these circumstances. For example, they can work with our supplier Temporary Solutions Group to set up a variety of at-home solutions such as kitchens, bathrooms, and storage facilities to enable them to stay at home. From trailers and pop-up capsules to modular units with fully fitted kitchens featuring ovens, washing machines and fridges, these solutions can be erected inside a customer’s home or in their garden. Bathrooms with showers or baths can be installed, as well as specially adapted units for customers with disability requirements. 

Through innovative approaches like this and data-driven insights, we’re continuing to help brokers put their customers first. 

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