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HH claims update Oct 2020-listing Household Claims Update

We’ve seen a lot of storm damage recently. We had almost two thousand weather claims in August alone, and by 8 October, our Household Claims had received 150% of the claim volumes we’d had in all of September.

Ageas whats that line Web header-listing What’s that line?

UK drivers may be clued up on double yellow lines, but they’re not quite so sure about when they should let people pass at a zebra crossing, according to new research.

SSP_Motor Enrichment Enhancements-listing We're signed up to SSP Intuition

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), SSP Intuition is SSP’s centralised risk selection and rating data lake, providing access to more than one billion quotes and quote responses.

Ageas Broker EXTRA Web header-listing Broker Extra 2020

We look forward to seeing you online during this event, so stop by our stand to schedule a meeting with the team.