Flood Recovery the ‘Flood Mary’ way

Working in partnership with former flood victim and flood recovery advocate, Mary Long-Dhonau OBE, we've produced a new guide to help support your customers navigating the immediate aftermath of flooding.

Posted on 7th March 2024 Tagged in Corporate News

Flood Recovery the ‘Flood Mary’ way supported by Ageas

To help customers navigate the devastation and shock of having their homes flooded,  we have worked in partnership with Flood Mary to launch a new comprehensive Flood Recovery Guide supported by a series of explainer videos for those navigating the early stages of flood recovery.

As 2023 was the 11th wettest year since 1836 with 111% of UK average rainfall, Mary Long-Dhonau OBE, a former flood victim and now renowned advocate for flood resilience and recovery, has recognised the ongoing risk floods pose to properties and published a new edition of a Flood Recovery Guide and a series of explainer videos, filled with invaluable insights, tips, and advice.

The Flood Recovery Guide and supporting videos are a timely resource designed to assist homeowners and insurance brokers alike in navigating the challenging aftermath of flooding incidents. With sponsorship from Ageas, Mary aims to empower individuals and communities affected by floods with the knowledge and tools needed to help restore their lives and homes.

Mary has compiled a wealth of information in both the guide and videos to address the challenges faced by those impacted by floods, from the immediate recovery steps when first returning to a flooded property, to dealing with insurance claims, and then making homes more resilient to future flood events.

To help brokers support customers navigating the immediate aftermath of flooding incidents, Ageas is bringing Mary and fellow flood expert Nick Lupton to the BIBA Conference in Manchester this year. They will also bring the ‘Floodmobile’, the mobile demonstration vehicle designed to show the latest property flood resilience measures in practice. Mary, Nick and the Floodmobile will be outside the conference hall on both Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th May 2024.

“I understand the profound impact that flooding has on individuals and communities. Nothing can truly prepare you for having stinking, filthy contaminated water enter your home. The Flood Recovery Guide has therefore been designed to offer a helping hand during these most bleak and challenging times,” said Mary Long-Dhonau of FloodMary.com “I am grateful for the support of Ageas in making this launch of the new edition possible. Together, we can provide crucial assistance to those in need.”

The Flood Recovery Guide is not only a valuable resource for homeowners but also serves as a tool for insurance brokers seeking to support their customers through the early stages of flood recovery. The guide emphasises proactive measures to make homes more resilient to future floods, ensuring a safer and more secure living environment for families.

Ageas UK Claims Director Stephen Linklater said:“We understand just how disruptive and distressing it can be when our homes are damaged by extreme weather, so we are proud to sponsor the Flood Recovery Guide by FloodMary.com.

“Extreme weather is becoming more common and as one of the UK’s largest personal lines insurers, we’re continually looking at new ways we can better protect our customers. We hope this new Flood Recovery Guide and the explainer videos help people protect what matters most – their homes and families.”

For more information or to download a copy of the Flood Recovery Guide, visit www.FloodMary.com or from the Ageas Flood Hub ageas.co.uk/flood-hub where the videos are also available.

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