Green parts play their part in the icy weather

Posted on 13th March 2023 Tagged in Personal Lines
Green parts play their part in the icy weather

We’re helping our motoring customers to get back on the road quickly if the worst happens due to icy road conditions, using green car parts in our repairs programme. Indeed, we were delighted our green car parts could play such a large part in helping customer Sue Sheldon (pictured below) keep her car on the road – a vehicle that had significant sentimental value.

Cold snap considerations for drivers 

A cold snap might take any of us by surprise, particularly if icy road conditions are invisible. At the end of 2022, Sue had taken her car out only to discover the road surface was a ‘skating rink’.

“I turned the engine off and put the handbrake on hard,” she said, “waited for a while, and suddenly started to slip backwards, then increased speed down my neighbour’s very steep drive, hitting her garage with a bang.” Luckily, Sue was unharmed, but as she said, it was a scary experience. “I was very shocked and shaken up. I’m just grateful it wasn’t worse.”

Happily, we were able to source a number of green parts to repair this vehicle: “My son said the car might be written off, but I’m so pleased it’s been repairable. It was the last car my husband bought for me. It’s perfect and I love it. I’m very, very, grateful it’s been mended so I can keep it. It’s not just a “lump of metal” to me, as my late husband bought it for me, and it’s the best car I have ever had.”

Natasha Metcalfe, who works for Ageas and took the customer’s call after the accident, said: “I’m so glad Sue escaped unharmed and has been able to keep her car. The reason I enjoy doing what I do is helping people like her in their time of need; it’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

What are green parts?

Green car parts help to reduce the environmental impact of vehicle repairs. As well as reducing the amount of glass, metal, plastic and energy needed, those parts get a second life, extending their use and reducing unnecessary waste – they’re components that are taken from one vehicle to fix another.

All green parts are safety checked and guaranteed for 12 months, just like new parts and they’re never used for safety-related parts.

We would like to say thank you to Sue for sharing her experience with us. It's great to see our team delivering brilliant service, where it matters.

Sue reported the incident to her insurance broker, AA Insurance Services. The policy is underwritten by Ageas Insurance, which also handles any claims.

Customer Sue Sheldon who's car was repaired using green parts

Helping customers get back on the road quickly: Sue Sheldon (pictured above) was able to keep her car thanks to our green parts repair programme. 

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