Flood Re solution on SSP

Posted on 28th February 2018 Tagged in Personal Lines Software House Trading

Home products backed by Flood Re on SSP

We’re going live with a Flood Re solution on both SSP Electra M3 & Pure Broking from Thursday 1 March. Each of our three home products; House Guard, House Guard Prestige and House Guard Tenants Contents will be backed by the Flood Re reinsurance scheme.


SSP’s solution connects to the Flood Re hub at point-of-quote, meaning an automated decision can be made in real time on whether the flood risk can be ceded by the scheme.


Flood RE is designed to increase the availability of affordable home insurance for the estimated 350,000 households in flood risk areas, and backed almost 130,000 policies in its first year. The scheme also provides information to increase consumer understanding of flooding and how they can reduce their level of risk.


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