Introducing: Ageas Private Car

We'll soon be offering a new private car policy...

Posted on 20th February 2020 Tagged in Personal Lines
Ageas Private Car

A driving force in private motor insurance  

We think you’ll agree – change is good when it’s making your life easier and giving your customers improved benefits and more competitive premiums.

It’s good to make changes that have a positive impact for our customers. It’s even better if those product developments help you, our brokers, too. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce some forthcoming changes to our private motoring policies. 

We’ll soon be offering one new policy – ‘Ageas Private Car’ – which should make it quicker and easier to choose a comprehensive motoring policy for your private customers. 

In time, this new product will replace our existing policies (Motor Guard and Optima Car) although, as you’d expect, we will carry on accepting mid-term adjustments. We’d like Ageas Private Car to become your go-to product for all motor customers – why not try us and see!

Getting started with Ageas Private Car

If you know a little bit about our motoring policies already, you’ll recognise these improvements:

  • A granular, peril-rated approach for more competitive premiums
  • Insurer Hosted Pricing – giving you more up-to-date rates, faster
  • A more competitive underwriting footprint – more vehicles and customers covered
  • And even more clarity in our customer-facing documents

And these are just some of the new limits we’ll be including:

  • A wider age bracket for ‘any driver cover’
  • Vehicle values up to £75k (previously, £60k)
  • An increase to the loss/theft of keys limit to £750
  • Cover for personal business use (Class 1) for common-law-spouses

We think this more competitive underwriting focus could really make a difference to your motoring customers.

Unless we’ve arranged another level for you, commissions on this product will default to 12.5%. As soon as it’s available, our new Ageas private Car product will be easy to spot. Just look out for "Ageas Private Car" on your quote picklist.

How to access Ageas Private Car

At the moment, Ageas Private Car is only traded via CDL and SSP. We’ll make it available via other software houses in the coming months, and we’ll let you know just as soon as that happens.

We’ll be making Ageas Private Car live across all CDL & SSP brokers in the (very) near future. While we complete our testing & activation process with CDL & SSP, you may be able to see the product on your quote picklist – however it will return a decline until the product is live. Keep an eye out for future emails and updates on our Ageas Broker website for official launch date.

Click below to find out when Ageas Private Car will be available to you. 


We’ll be launching this product on Acturis in the near future. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. In the meantime, please carry on offering our existing Private Car products.


We’ll be launching this product on Applied in the near future. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. In the meantime, please carry on offering our existing Private Car products.

Product CDL Product Code CDL Screen Name


Ageas Private Car





Ageas Private Car


Open GI

Quote Activation

  • Go to the MotorWriter Quotation input screen (Note: this must be done on both sets of Rates versions currently supported on your system) 
  • Enter ‘ESC B’
  • Down arrow to ‘Select List’
    Select the list the scheme is to be added to
  • Find Ageas Private Car (APC). Press the space bar to add the scheme to the quote list

Post Quote Activation

  • Go to the MotorWriter EDI Menu
    Select ‘Insurer Control’
  • Enter the Insurer Scheme code APC
  • Press F2
  • Select ‘Insurer Agency Code’
  • Enter your EDI agency number - an unlimited policy number range will be automatically released which will allow you to complete a proposal
  • Set the product commission in Commission Amendment (12.5% unless advised otherwise).
Product Open GI Product Code Open GI Screen Name


Ageas Private Car





Ageas Private Car
SSP & SSP (Keychoice)

SSP Electra Users

You’ll need to set up your chosen scheme in the ‘Insurer Detail/Quote’ maintenance area of your SSP admin system.

  • set us up as an insurer using ‘AGP’
  • add a new cover note range under ‘AGP’
  • enter policy numbers under ‘BIS’
  • link to the agent number under ‘BIS'
  • Link to the policy number range under BIS

SSP Pure Users

  • Within the task group of ‘Quotes Administration’.
  • Click the task ‘Quotes Scheme Maintenance’.
  • Select the Scheme Type ‘Motor’
  • Select Ageas Insurance (FORTI) from the list and click Find.
  • Highlight ‘Ageas Private Car’ and Click ‘OK’
  • Select the ‘Branches’ Tab in the ‘Scheme Maintenance’ window. In the new window, insert your Ageas Agency Code and change the ‘EDI status’ from ‘Unset’ to ‘Live’ using the drop down and click ‘OK’
  • Then, back in the ‘Scheme Maintenance’ window, go to the ‘Numbers’ tab to check that your Policy and Cover Note numbers have been populated correctly


Product SSP Product Code SSP Screen Name


Ageas Private Car
AGP0    Ageas Private Car
Ageas KC Private Car


Ageas Private Car

We’ll be launching this product on TGSL in the near future. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. In the meantime, please carry on offering our existing Private Car products.

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