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Our brokers talk to us all the time. There are two simple facts you’ve shared with us that we agree with more than any others…

Firstly, there’s no getting around it, many customers are now going online to research their insurance policies alone. We know, it’s getting tough out there. 

Secondly, brokers also know the truth about buying products that way: it may be quick and easy, but it’s never as good as talking through a situation with a real person.

Bottom line, it’s people – brokers just like you – who make the difference. 

This is what we’ve learned from you 

For customers, you are the human touch. There’s nothing quite like buying a policy from a broker who you trust. Brokers have real insights; you provide a better service; you’re eager to share ideas and details that just can’t be found on a website – and you’ll do your best to find the right policy for their situation, every time.

We’re the same. We think that’s a great way to do business.

Ageas: it’s digital trading but with a human touch

Because you want to get the best deal for your customers, we’re now giving you the best of both worlds. It’s rapid trading through your software house or via Ageas Broker Online Services - at a time that suits you, of course, with all the support you need during office hours from an experienced underwriting team.  Getting through to a team that can take decisions to make the difference – to your customers, and to your business. 

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